from Zhongshan Daily, 15.12.2015

‘ ..Ran Jia has such sincerity towards music, her perfect technique together with a natual feeling of music presented us the peacefulness and fullness of the music. Her playing is accurate yet has a huge contrast, how marvelous!!..’ –Qidi Leng, Zhongshan Daily, 15.12.2015

from Beijing Youth Daily 8.12.2015

‘…Ran Jia has a beautiful stage presence, her sound is very attractive, especially in the slow movement of Beethoven concerto no.4, extremely intoxicating!’ –Tong Wang, Beijing Youth Daily 8.12.2015


Cleveland Classical Review

”…Chinese-born Ran Jia played Franz Schubert’s Sonata in c minor, Opus Posthumous, perhaps the most compact of the composer’s last three extended piano works. Her elegant touch brought out Schubert’s lyrical lines and elucidated his more complicated textures. Well-voiced pianissimos and fortes distinguished the slow movement, and confident, steady rhythms underlined the tricky cross-hand gestures in the concluding tarantella. Exuding poise at the keyboard, Ran Jia looked as though she were completely enjoying herself, frequently smiling at Schubert’s more engaging nuances…”   by Daniel Hathaway. October 5, 2015

concert review and interview from ”Music Lover” in China

”… If we admit that her Ravel conquered the listeners with a pure aesthetics and a powerful skill, then, her interpretation for Debussy’s Images and L’isle Joyeuse exposed a freedom and liberty of selfless and nature, that made the atmosphere of the concert hall magic and intoxicated.”

– Sun Yue, musicologist and critic from <Music Lover>  9.2015

From ”Music Weekly” News 2015 in China

I have kept an observation to this pianist for many years. Her playing of Shubert has got a recognized reputation and her Mozart, after my opinion, is more sophisticated. She always gives us these impressions: poetic interpretation, discovering of the inner content of works, delicate and emotional techniques, the elegant and noble bearing and, of cause, her outstanding beauty. In 17th April, Her recital in Shanghai Concert hall told us the inner seeking of this beautiful young lady: the pieces of this concert are almost French Impressionism, Sonatine and Gaspar de la Nuit of Ravel, the first part of Images and L’isle joyeuse of Debussy, with the Poem of fire by Tandun. The repertory manifests her unique taste and artistic pursuit. Her interpretation was unruffled and well balanced, with a perfect technique, created a charming scene and extraordinary imagination.

– Ren Haijie, critic, Music Weekly, 4.22.2015


From People’s Music Magazin, 2015 in China

“Ms. Ran Jia had no any action needless during the process of interpretation, which she wants to explore for the audience, are not only the techniques and power, but also the music and poesie, and the sublimity just like her name implies.”

(The Chinese word of ‘Ran’ means ‘Natural’)

Li Pengcheng, critic, in People’s Music, 2015

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